Method9 is a uniquely personal leadership coaching service that has helped hundreds of businesses to transform their relationships, culture and profitability through an empathetic process of behaviour change. Our renowned executive coaches have an unrivalled track-record in turning around the fortunes of flagging companies – and rebuilding the purpose and drive of their teams.

Solutions Offered

  • Strategy & communication
  • Tailored experiential learning
  • Executive team coaching
  • Executive onboarding and transition
  • Director advisory boards
  • Deep facilitation


 “Engaging Method9 for me proved to be much more than just executive business coaching. This is managing people and personalities at a far deeper level to achieve goals that benefit everyone – not just the P&L.

Understanding what makes your team tick is one part, discovering what makes you tick brings business and life beyond the office walls to a completely different level.”

Simon Paull, CEO, Paull & Warner

Contact Detail

Method9 Pty Ltd
9 Fink Street, Preston
PO Box 290, Carlton South,
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3053

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +613 90057005