Why Equine-Facilitated?

As we live in a world where we expect to see instant results we feel we don’t have the time or patience to wait…… whereas horses provide instant, honest and accurate feedback moment to moment. By working with horses on the ground (no riding involved) you will be able to practice staying in the moment and experience the benefits first-hand as well as gain valuable insights into how you can apply the learning to your work and life and understand the difference it would make.

How many times have you heard “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”?

Well actually that’s not true, if the horse doesn’t want to move it won’t! The only way the horse will choose to go with you is by being confident and developing a trust based relationship with the horse, enabling them to feel safe. Horses are motivated in similar ways to human beings, by satisfying their basic needs for safety, food and staying clear of any threats to their survival. Sound familiar?

It is because of these similarities with human beings that working with horses can provide such a powerful way of gaining feedback and learning invaluable lessons about the impact of your leadership style upon others and the relationships you have with your colleagues, customers, friends and family. The behaviours displayed by the horses when working with them provides you with a reflection of yourself. Just as the developments in neuroscience have shown that emotions between people are contagious, horses too can pick up and sense the emotions and thoughts people. If you approach or stand close to a horse with a head full of negative or stressful thoughts, you will see a behavioural reaction in the horse.