The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is unique in that it is practical, engaging and memorable rather than a complex, questionnaire-based assessment. In developing the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, we studied the works of several leading researchers including Carl Jung, Hans Eysenck, Daniel Goleman and Michael Merzenich. That research included both psychological and neurological developments over the last half century.

The outcome of our research is the development of a learning and development experience that encompasses understanding the behaviour of others as well as oneself and creates immediately transferrable skills that enhance workplace productivity. Jigsaw Discovery Tool goes beyond many other profiling tools by answering the “So what”question.

  1. Total learner involvement from beginning to end, there are no third-party reports.
  2. Participants self-development is not restricted by self-limiting profile types.
  3. The results reveal a flexibility between styles rather than a fixed result. The Jigsaw Discovery Tool recognizes that life is not an either or and has done away with the inadequacies of dichotomous views of behavior. We recognize that people can and do display opposing behaviors dependent upon the situation.
  4. The Jigsaw Discovery Tool behavioral framework is simple and easy to use rather than a complex questionnaire.
  5. The Jigsaw Discovery Tool discovery experience is much more memorable than other profiling experiences because it is practical and engaging.
  6. We acknowledge the neuroplasticity of the brain and its ability to adapt to life events. This means that unlike some other tools which indicate that behaviors are fixed, the Jigsaw Discovery tool acknowledges that behaviors can and do change over a period of time.
The Jigsaw Discovery Tool does reveal a personal profile but not one that is based on personality. This is different from most of our competitors. We look at an individual’s behaviour and how it can become more flexible to the needs of a given situation or relationship in order to develop a more successful outcome.

You could say that the Jigsaw Discovery Tool ,unlike other tools, has an outward focus rather than an inward focus. When participants leave a Jigsaw Discovery Tool discovery experience they will have not only learned more about their own preferred behavioural style but are also able to recognise the style of behaviour of peers, managers and customers.

The discovery experience is ideal for staff at all levels of an organisation because it can be incorporated into so many different learning programs.

Because of its non-threatening design, the Jigsaw Discovery Tool fits well into all levels, regardless of seniority, and thus can be delivered across mixed teams as well as in-tact teams. Also, because it is accessible to everyone in the hierarchy, the whole organisation can benefit from the Jigsaw Discovery Tool discovery experience.

Currently it is available in English and Arabic but can be translated into any language as needed.
As a JDT training partner you can generate revenue in a number of ways:

  • Delivering JDT sessions for your clients – Repeat clients are very common!
  • Mark up on participant packs when selling to clients
  • Sub-licensing clients to be able to run JDT sessions in-house (can be discussed based on experience with tool and performance)
Simply give us a call or complete the contact form and we’ll arrange a suitable time to discuss partnership opportunities!
When evaluating potential partners, we consider a number of different factors to ensure consistently high standards for both the delivery and distribution of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool in each geographical region.

Here are some of the factors:

  • Reputable training providers in respective regions
  • A solid client base
  • Credentials and experience of trainers
  • Ability to deliver the Jigsaw Discovery Tool to the highest standard

A plan of how you intend to integrate the tool with current offerings

A JDT Master trainer will travel to your country and run the TTT workshop for up to 6 people. Once a trainer is accredited, this is for life, regardless of whether they move to another organisation.
Yes, the facilitation team would need to attend an accreditation workshop and then a license be purchased by the organisation.
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