Drama Based Learning workshops are invaluable in helping delegates practise their soft skills from within the safety of a simulated environment. The use of trained actors ensures a high degree of realism but with the added bonus that the actors are ideally placed to give feedback both ‘in’ and ‘out’ of character if required. Roleplays can be used to develop peer-to-peer communication, communication with customers, and communication skills for managers dealing with employees. Scenarios are shaped according to your requirements, including industry specific information to enhance the roleplay.

The workshops cover many types of communication from many types of everyday interactions, to dealing with difficult and challenging behaviour. The actors will portray a full range of different personality types, who have different objectives. And the roleplays can be delivered in a range of settings, from one-on-one interviews, to character hotseating, where delegates can collaborate on the interview in groups of any size. For example;

Actors will play several different customers in turn, each with very different personality and requirements, demonstrated using body language and / or opening statement. Delegates can ‘pause’ the scenario, discuss within the group, and take turns at fulfilling the requirements of this customer through a roleplay situation, ‘pausing’ or ‘rewinding’ the scenario at any point.

In addition pre-written scripts can be performed by the actors, showing ‘best’ or ‘worst’ practice. This can be used as a great training tool to demonstrate a point. These also spark conversation, and invaluable peer-to-peer training, as delegates experience-share about the best way to handle different situations.